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Donald Trump’s nemesis: Man proposes, God disposes.

by basklifenews

The moon and stars have borne witness to the servant leader Joe R Biden, and God has shamed the arrogant and boastful Donald J Trump.

Did you see what i saw that took place in Washington DC and the Capitol, and how Trump supporters, out of desperation to win, ended up desecrating the hallowed chambers of US senate? This is something unheard of for almost two centuries since 1814.

But that singular act paved the way for the senators to unanimously, without objections, certify Biden’s win without recourse to further debates.

You see, man’s ways is not God’s ways. God works in a miraculous manners.
From the outset, Biden has always shone that he is the opposite of Trump. He is humble and soft spoken and not arrogant like Trump. He is not a billionaire but he is happy man, even happier than Trump the billionaire.

Joe R Biden was the favorite man to have succeeded his boss Obama in 2016. He stepped down for Hilary Clinton. But when he saw the mess and assault being dished out by Trump on a daily basis he knew he has a duty to stop the unnecessary assault coming from highly erratic Trump.

Using his vast experience as a former senator for years and decades, and as former Vice president who actually ushered in Trump and his family to the White House, Biden joined the Presidential race under Democratic party. He floored Trump in all the Presidential debates to the run up of November 3 2020 Presidential elections. In the general polls, Biden once again floored Trump both in total votes cast and the electoral college votes a whopping 306 to 232 margin. In the process, Biden also made history as the President elect with more votes cast in USA history while the Vice President elect Kamala Harris became the first woman of color to be elected to such position.

Honestly it baffles everyone how Trump was busy shouting electoral fraud up and down and yet not a single evidence to show. That his tantrum made him sack the boss of US homeland security while Attorney General William Barr resigned due to undue pressure from Trump. All the cases filed at different courts suffered stillbirths. They were all thrown out for lack of merit, yet Trump never saw the futility in all his efforts. That he was just up in arms with a man covered with holy anointing and divine mandate. To make matters worst Trump was even caught in audio conversation urging a judge in Georgia to upturn Biden’s win while also pushing the Vice President Mike Pence not to certify Biden’s win at the Congress.

Now, the big question is, where did all these lead Trump. The answer is a resounding Nowhere. After all the bragadaccio, rigmaroles, showmanship, boasting and noise making, the US congress went ahead to endorse and issue a Certification that Joe R Biden will be the 46th President of the USA and the Kamala Harris as the incoming Vice President. They will be sworn into office on 20th January 2021.

That is the end of the long story and drama. Funny enough, the same Trump who all along has been showing recalcitrant behavior immediately issue a statement pledging a smooth handover of powers come 20th January, 2021. This goes to show that the scales and the confusion have fallen off his eyes. Trump and his supporters, by their unfortunate actions, have made Biden’s win far easier for him.They thought that violence and unruly behavior pays, but it proven to be their waterloo.

Please let us learn to stop acting God. I think that God does not like that. We should learn to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God. We equally need to learn that all powers belong to God and He gives same to whom he pleases.

Trump will go down in history as the worst POTUS in living memory, and a disaster to all mankknd.

It is remaining only few days for all to see him off from the White House and all of us will heave a sigh of relief.
God is good. I trust Americans, they cannot afford to make this costly mistake in the nearest foreseeable future. It is just catastrophic, to say the least.

Pharm Mike Ogbuefi

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