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AKWA IBOM MURDER: An NYSC member is the accused

by basklifenews

An NYSC member identified as Odum Princess Paschaline, and believed to the University of Nigeria Nsukka graduate serving in Akwa Ibom State, has been accused of hacking his male friend to death on 10th January 2021, around 9.30 am at Abak road.

An NYSC member in Akwa Ibom state, has been accused of hacking her boyfriend to death.

According to reports, the corps member identified as Odume princess pascaline was caught on Sunday morning around 9.30am trying to to jump the fence of the compound of a young guy she visited.

The lady was beaten to pulp after she was caught by an angry mob who gathered at abak road by Afaha-offot, where the incident happened.

The young lady was striped naked and beaten to a pulp by an angry mob after the body of the unidentified man who she went to see was was found dead.

According to the Facebook of one Godwin Gorge, an eyewitness,

“I saw a large crowd gathered at Abak Road by Afahaoffot so I ran there behold I [saw] this young lady been beaten and stripped totally naked.”

“She was found this morning around 9.30am trying to jump the fence of a young guy she went for hook-up with. Blood stains were all over her so she was caught and beaten to stupor and also stripped NAKED. (I won’t be able to post the video on my timeline cos it’s so disgusting)”.

“According to the people at the scene said she macheted a young guy to death this morning whom she went out with. She killed the young guy instantly after several cuts on his stomach and face, on trying to jump out from the fence she was caught”.

“Some bike men there said that she is used to sending them I buy weed for her ever since she was deployed to Akwa Ibom for her NYSC”.

The young lady has since been arrested and taking to the police station for further interrogations.

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