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THE OTHER SIDE OF CHARLY BOY EXPOSED…He is A Deep Philosopher & Youths Teacher; Warns on the Dangers of Wasting Time in Life!

by basklifenews

A lot has no doubt been said about the Brand called Charly Boy- real name- Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa, the flamboyant singer/songwriter, television presenter, publisher, and producer.

He is no doubt one of Nigeria’s most controversial entertainers, and best known for his alternative lifestyle, political views, and media productions, most notably The Charly Boy Show.

But beyond controversies, he is a good teacher and philosopher, when he is in the best of moods, he can churn out loads of motivational tips.

We recently encountered him at his picturesque home and he was magnanimous to offer few tips to our youths of today.

Part 1: Manage your time well.

He said ” Time is more vital than money, our youths today must make best use of their time when still Young.

” Time and chance are critical, God has blessed us all with equal time, how you use yours is your business, it’s like giving two youths phones and data, one can use his own to send proposals and apply for a new job the other can use his for nasty and wasting of time things like Porn movies, etc, at the end, who do you blame for failure in future ” he wondered.

• Charly Boy few tips on benefits of using time well.

*Less Stress – Managing your time can directly reduce your stress level. Fewer surprises. Fewer tight deadlines. Less rushing from task-to-task and place-to-place.

*Get More Done – Of course, being productive is one of the main goals of time management. When you are aware of what you need to do, you are able to better manage your workload. You will be able to get more (of the right tasks) done in less time.

*More Free Time – We can’t create more time, but you can make better use of it by managing your time. Even simple actions like shifting your commute or getting your work done early can produce more leisure time in your life.

*Less Wasted Time – When you know what you need to do, you waste less time in idle activities. Instead of wondering what you should be doing next, you can already be a step ahead of your work.

*More Opportunities – Being on top of your time and work produces more opportunities. The early bird always has more options. As well, luck favors the prepared.


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Vera February 12, 2021 - 11:20 am

Area father!

ukamaka okigbo February 12, 2021 - 3:06 pm

Charly Boy my personal person… Area father himself.


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