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WICKEDNESS IS REAL! Please mind who is taking care of your daughter.

by basklifenews

I have been trying to manage myself since Monday when I was called by a lady, who according to her was given my phone number by the doctor treating her niece.

This little girl is about 7 years old, and from when she was 5years old, a man who happens to be her Aunty’s boyfriend has been coming to the house to sexually abuse her, sometimes in the presence of her aunt ( her mother’s elder sister).

According to the little girl, this is an old man married with children, he will leave his family and come and stay for days with them, after having sex with his madam friend, he will still molest the poor girl.

She is badly infected and traumatised. Her bladder has been damaged, she can not even control or hold urine.

This mad man and woman put so much fear in her that even when she visited her father, upon all the efforts made by her father to find out why she is dropping urine with discharge and also surprised by the way she walks, the girl keeps saying that nobody touched her.

The man noticed that all was not well with his daughter and asked the woman what was wrong, after questioning the woman over and over, she totally deceived the man who later allowed the two children to go back to her and the evil continued.

This man lost his wife and while mourning, his late wife’s sister volunteered to take care of the children. The man provides money and other things.  These devils were dealing with his daughter sometimes in the presence of her brother.

This is just the summary, just trying to let out the steam, I am very troubled.

Amb. Dr. Nwosu Seraphine Chioma.

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Ukaa February 12, 2021 - 2:51 pm

Wonders shall never end! Some people are just evil… Tufiakwa!


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