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HEARTLESS REACTION: Police arrests one Anaayo that poured acid on his apprentice

by basklifenews

Lagosians woke up to a thunderous story of how one Anaayo, the owner of Ayocity Surgicals, after realizing that some of his goods are missing without his apprentices giving an account of the missing goods allegedly bathe one of his apprentices, a 17-year-old Ifeanyi with acid, detained and denied him treatment for three months at his Lekki residence, Lagos State, until the young man narrowly escaped from captivity and regained his freedom.

According to what one Chijioke Emmanuel, a trader whose shop is closer to Anaayo own told PUNCH Metro: “Ifeanyi is an apprentice under Anaayo, whose company’s name is Ayocity Surgicals. What happened was that Anaayo complained that some of his goods were missing before last Christmas. Anaayo has managers for his company and Ifeanyi, who is just 17-year-old, was one of them.

“He started serving Anaayo not up to five months and was also living with him like his co-apprentices. They all gave their explanations when Anaayo summoned them about the missing goods, but Ifeanyi appealed to him to discuss with his managers. They were to continue the interrogation at home when the managers ran away from Anaayo’s house, because what was missing concerned them.

“Ifeanyi didn’t run, so his boss got hold of him and started beating him to get more information about what happened and the whereabouts of the fleeing workers. Anaayo locked Ifeanyi inside the toilet and went to the market.

“On his return, Anaayo asked if he was willing to say the truth, but when Ifeanyi could not say anything, he brought out the acid that he usually uses to kill ants and snakes crawling into his house from a nearby bush, and poured it on him. Ifeanyi’s head, back, and other parts of his body were damaged by the acid.”

“Anaayo locked Ifeanyi inside the toilet, where he spent days before his boss brought him out and locked him up in a room. But the acid had already damaged his body; doctors are saying that the acid also affected his brain and he needs urgent surgery.

“The incident happened in November 2020, but when we no longer saw Ifeanyi at Anaayo’s shop, we started asking after him, but the boss told us that he was doing something for him at home. We never knew that he locked him up, because of what he had done to him. He never gave him any treatment after pouring acid on him.

“It was when Ifeanyi managed to escape from home that he got help from people, who took him to the human rights office in Ikeja and the police were contacted and Anaayo was arrested on Thursday, February 11, 2021, and he has been in detention at the Area ‘F’ Command in Lagos since then.”


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Ukaa February 16, 2021 - 10:22 am

D man(Anaya) is a human being only by his shape. His mind is a poison to d human race. He’s nothing but undesirable element.

Vera February 16, 2021 - 10:33 am

The heart of man is desperately wicked


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