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Breaking…NNEWI ON FIRE: Timber market razed…millions of goods lost

by basklifenews

The traders at the Timber line Ogbo Osisi market are crying and wailing over the avoidable fire that gutted their goods worthy of millions of naira in the Nnewi municipality.

A credible source has it that the fire started between 12 noon and 1:30 pm today being 17th February 2021. It was alleged that as some armed men said to be policemen were chasing some hooligans, that the latter ran into the valley near the timber market for safety. The said valley provided the timber traders the dumping ground of sawdust or waste from timber. As the alleged armed men were unable to continue the chase into the valley, it was said that a gun was shoot, which ignited a fire on the sawdust, and speedily spread to major parts of the market. It was alleged that as the fire started, the armed men hurriedly left the scene without their vehicle, likely to avoid ugly reactions from the traders.  

It was said that the fire damaged many shops due to a lack of speedy intervention from the fire service department. A source has it that the fire was brought under control as a result of private water suppliers engaged in fighting the fire.

As of the time 9 pm, some traders are keeping vigil to avoid smoldering smoke turning into fire. The fire outbreak in the timber market is becoming perennial, especially, during the dry season.   

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ukamaka okigbo February 18, 2021 - 9:25 am

Not again! I wonder what those people affected will do… May God help them!


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