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A LESSON TO UNFAITHFUL WOMEN: Larry King taught his wife the lesson of a lifetime

by basklifenews

Larry King, after King Solomon, could be described as one of the wisest men that came to the world. Why? Because of the wisdom he applied, in writing his Will at the tail of his life on earth. To the astonishment of many, King desired “100% of my funds to be divided equally” among his five children – a decision his wife, Shawn Southwick King, a producer, and actress, was not happy of.

A 61-year-old Mrs. Shawn had married King on 5th September 1997 and blessed two sons and a stepson. The other children were from wives Larry King had divorced.

Infuriated by the King’s final written desire, Shawn sued at court to contest that King was “of questionable mental capacity” when he signed the Will, and claimed that their stepson considerably influenced Larry King into signing such some months before his death. Shawn who was in the process of divorcing King before his death argued the validity of King’s handwritten Will shortly before his death, which to her, was in contradiction to 2015 King’s Will that made her the executor of his Estate.

This should be a lesson to women in marriages, to stick to their husbands in thick and thin, in order to be among those that will enjoy at last. If truly that Larry King was of “of questionable mental capacity” when he died, was it a mark of exemplary wife for Shawn Southwick to be divorcing a husband in that condition? Was it not compassion, care, and love that Larry King needed from Shawn? Shawn believing that King’s 2015 Will was his last, made a U-turn to giving the care that Larry King needed most – care he got from his children. In the end, like Solomon in the Scriptures, King equally gave his crown to worthy children – a regret Shawn Southwick would brood throughout her lifetime.

You reap what you sow.

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