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CRISTIANO RONALDO: The football magician

by basklifenews

He is arguably regarded as one of the world’s greatest sportsmen alive and currently earns a whooping  £500,000-a-week wages at the Italian club, Juventus of Turin, and has sponsorship deals with the likes of Nike, Armani, KFC, Herbalife, as well as his own range of CR7 clothes, shoes, and underwear, has put his money where his mouth is and aided those in need.

 Cristiano Ronaldo is the world’s richest athlete – and he is also one of the most generous.

His years of success at Real Madrid and now at Juventus have made the Portuguese one of the most divisive athletes in the world.

Adored by fans for his ridiculous skill and achievement, Ronaldo also has an army of critics who hate his petulant behaviour and obsession with appearance and brand.

But while many deride Ronaldo for his antics on the pitch, few know of his charity work off of it.

Here are 5 of his inspiring quotes for you as compiled by best-selling wordsmith,  Mike Cerutti Osagie- a strong  Ronaldo fancier,  hope it inspires  You to dream on.

* Dreams are not what you see in your sleep, dreams are things which do not let you sleep.”

*.“I will not quit.”

*“I’m not a perfectionist, but I like to feel that things are done well.”

* “I never tried to hide the fact that my only goal is to be the best”

* “I think I have improved from last year. I am always trying to improve my game and improve myself.”

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