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SHOOT-AT-SIGHT: President Buhari gives a direct order

by basklifenews

President Muhammadu Buhari of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has personally made it clear yesterday that anybody seen with an AK-47 should be shoot. He said it while addressing the traditional rulers that visited him in Aso Rock. He said that “we are doing our best, our best hasn’t proved to be good enough, and we are getting desperate.” According to the president, “One thing that went to the press which I read by myself was that anybody with AK-47 should be shot because AK-47 is supposed to be registered and it is only given to security officials.

“We closed the borders you know for how many years, but the intelligence report I am getting on a daily basis shows that those who are conducting the abductions, the killings, and so on, still don’t seem to be short of arms and ammunition.

“I see how they attacked police stations, killed the police, ransacked the armoury and the magazine.

“The state government is saturated, the local government is saturated and nobody will bring a kobo to invest in Nigeria if we keep on making Nigeria insecure. And so that message must be told to the youths.”

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