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YORUBA RISORGIMENTO: “we don’t want Fulani herdsmen in our land…,” says Igboho

by basklifenews

One week, one trouble is the best description of today’s Nigeria – a country coined out by lord Frederick Lugard’s girlfriend called Flora Shaw. If care is not taken, the social disconnection inherent in the country may one day explode Nigeria.

The reason for the above is that a fearless freedom fighter in the Yorubaland known as Chief Sunday Adeyemo, widely called Sunday Igboho, has challenged Nigeria unity and called for the emergence of the Yoruba nation. While making this demand during a press briefing at Ibadan, he noted,

 “We are fighting for our rights. All Yoruba youths in this land must support stand of Baba Akintoye.

“I Sunday Adeyemo, Aka Sunday Igboho, will support our father. This is the real father will [we] know will fight for our rights.

“We pray to God to grant him long life to take us out of this useless country. There is no peace, there is no security.

“Starting from now, we don’t want Fulani herdsmen in our land to disturb our farms again. If we meet any Fulani herdsmen, we are going to face and destroy them.

“If any police attack us for that, we are ready for them. We don’t want Nigeria again, but Yoruba nation. There is no essence for one Nigeria when major resources in the country is in the hands of the Northerners.”

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Ukaa March 20, 2021 - 11:14 am

Nigeria is in trouble. Chi boo anu ozo. God please help us, amen.


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