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WORD WAR DECLARED ON BOBRISKY: “Nobody is warning that lowlife idi*t,” says Bobrisky

by basklifenews

War of words has sparked among the Nigerian Crossdressers – with the verbal projectiles aimed at Bobrisky, the super Crossdresser. James Brown, who has been on and off thorn on Bobrisky’s flesh had allegedly made a provoking expression indirectly aimed at Bobrisky: “have you ever come out without filter?”  

Bruised by the Brown’s inferno, Bobrisky blasted: “Have been calm nobody is warning that lowlife idiot using my name to clout chase up and down. But if I take any step now some of you useless goats will open ur mouth and say I should free him that he is too small for me.” He continued “well I can’t waste my time on that dead body!!! But I will use my lawyer to deal with him. Since he can’t control his wide mouth authorities will help him close it. He has kuku said he is not afraid to visit his former jail. I will use my right plug to deal with him. If you come to preach to me to forgive one idiot, I will block u.”

Incensed by Bobrisky’s threat, one Michelle Page, an attention-seeking Crossdresser wrote, ”on behalf of the OF CROSS DRESSERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA”CAN” ABUJA CHAPTER) we dare you @bobrisky to arrest @jamesbrown, Princess only asked a simple question, “have you ever come out without filter? Why threatning her? By the way she never mentioned your name in her video, why the threat? bring it on Bob the bully, we are waiting for you.”

There is no doubt that things are falling apart in the crossdressing world, and Bobrisky was majorly the target. A self-acclaimed transgender, Buchi Alexandra, popularly known as Deevah, had punched Bobrisky by stating: ”Hello everyone, my name is Deeevah and I am a transgender here in Nigeria. We actually exists..and yes, I am a transgender and not a crossdresser and I can only blame one person for that Misconconception which is Idris. Yes, Bobrisky I am calling out to you because you are the architect of all of the problems we have here in Nigeria, the trans community. There is one that calls himself the princess of Africa, throwing tantrums and shouting all over the place. You are a brand, do your thing but don’t come and start making all of us look bad or they start looking at us like retards or almost as though our gender identity comes first or that we cannot do anything valueable with our lives asides our sexuality or gender identity. Please receive sense Idris.”

To hit him back, Bobrisky, whose real name is Idris revealed Deevah’s financial appeal to him some months ago. “Mama the mama! Good morning ma. Pls help your daughter. I’m contesting for an international trans pageant. Pls help me…ur such an inspiration an you gave me the fortitude and courage to even come out and I’d be forever grateful. Pls help me get this crown ma…love u unending.” Replying him Bobrisky wrote, “”hey baby !!!!! I noticed you have been in my dm begging me to get noticed but sad I guess have got too much messages and too busy to read dm. Going around to clout chase with my name to get noticed is bad thou… you should have waited till d day I will noticed you maybe then I can help u and make you a multimillionaire instead of a clout chasing like a shemale pig . Well I bob still remain everyone MUMMY. I repeat non of you will get noticed till I retire bye bitch.”

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Ukaa March 23, 2021 - 3:49 pm

Just negodu! It will not be well with d devil, amen.


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