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INSTAGWAR: Tonto Dike unfollowed him…Bobrisky blocked her

by basklifenews

The ageless charm between Bobrisky the crossdresser and his warmer Tonto Dike is surprisingly aging and getting colder.

The “Instagwar” started with the alleged rumour that Tonto unfollowed Bobrisky’s Instagram page – an action that appeared to have infuriated Bobrisky and he blocked her.

In his reaction, Bobrisky wrote: “If you unfollow me, I go just support you with a block”.

However, basklife learnt that the major reason that Tonto unfollowed Bobrisky was because of the shared video in which Bobrisky was seen at an event spraying money to Tonto’s former pal called Lady Golfer (Blessing Osom).

He wrote: “Lady golfer you are the reason for this unfollow now.”

He continued: “You for no post the video of me spraying you now. Friendship of 5 yrs gone just because I hanged out with somebody’s ex friend. Dumb shit.”

Bobrisky and Tonto Dike had been close friends before the rift surfaced. Bobrisky had spoken wonderfully about Tonto – how she used to be supportive of him.

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Vera April 27, 2021 - 8:21 am

Things fall apart


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