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TOTAL LOCKDOWN: “What has the Igbo tribe done to Nigeria,” says Sokoya

by basklifenews

31st May 2021 will go down in the history of Africa as the day the people of the old eastern region of Nigeria totally complied with the sit-at-home/lockdown directive to honour millions of people killed during the Nigerian Civil War.

Supporting the agitation, Dr. Olufunmilayo twittered:

“We the Yoruba people agitated fiercely for the recognition of June12 and we never stopped till we got it. Today June12 is a National Holiday.

“But people are telling Igbos to shut up about a war that killed 3million of their people.

“And you expect them to believe in One Nigeria.

“About 3million people slaughtered in the East through guns and starvation. Every Igbo family knows/heard of someone who is dead, was killed, or never found till today.


“Their grandparents and parents still live with this trauma till today.

“But we want a whole region to shut up.

“The war ended in 1970.

“But the killing and marginalisation of the Igbo people continues till today.

“This is the ONLY region that has not had a President till today.

“A region that continues to be demonised, brutalised, tyrannised and ostracised by the Nigerian govt till now.

“This current govt came in with a rhetoric of 97% vs 5%. Further worsening the division and anger that the Igbos rightfully feel.

“And you wonder why we now have IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu and a lot of angry igbo people?

“Now is the time to do right.

“Now is the time to admit wrong.


“Now is the time for Nigerian govt to own up to atrocities committed during the Biafra war. If for no other reason- at least in the interest of peace and unity.

“Now is the exact time to make the Igbos feel they are also a vital important part of this country.

“Now is the time.

“Now is the time to show that no Nigerian is more Nigerian than any other Nigerian.

“Now is the time to combat division with unity, and show that this Nigeria belongs to everyone of us- and not just to a few.

“That is the only path to peace.

“I hope we listen before it’s too late.”

Agreeing with Dr. Olufunmilayo, Dare Sokoya noted,

“There is a reason why History was erased from the current curriculum. History should go back to our learning from nursery education to our higher schools.

“You can’t dehumanize a tribe with hatred and expect peace and justice.

“What has the Igbo tribe done to Nigeria?”

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