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TWITTERHARI WAR: Will Nigeria be vanquished or victorious?

by basklifenews

Twitter touched the lion’s tail – the king of the jungle. Now the Lion is awake, who will quench the fire on the mountain?

Who is happy with the gradual drifting of Nigeria to the precipice? Who? It all started with the coinage of the word “Nigeria” by Sir Frederick Lugard’s girlfriend, Miss Flora Shaw, and the amalgamation of two unparallel Protectorates to become Nigeria – a child that has refused to grow.

In that child called Nigeria, terrorism and banditry flap wings of domination. In that child called Nigeria, the herders’ terror is waving like a tsunami. In that child called Nigeria, the pillars of marginalization are consciously erected, and unfair sharing of administrative offices becomes evident and too hard to chew.

In that child called Nigeria, the calls for true federalism and equitable restructuring of the country are deafening. In that child called Nigeria, echoes of a referendum and separatist agitation are heightening. In that child called Nigeria, Baba has vowed to teach the fast learning students in the language they will understand. Thus, Mr. Twitter intervened, and Baba asked him to “pack and go.” Who is an African man – Original? To borrow from Baba Fela, “confusion break bone.”

Which way Nigeria? Is there profit in retrogression? Is technological advancement an anathema? Where did we get it wrong? Why did erratic President Donald Trump of America not suspend Twitter when he was suspended by Twitter for not following Twitter’s rules? Why did we not take a leaf from Trump, bearing in mind that we borrowed the Presidential system of government from the United State of America?

A good student does not only learn from his master but put his learning into practice. There is an Igbo adage that says: “when a child carries his father up, his father’s loincloth will cover his eyes.” 

Now Nigerian government has suspended Twitter indefinitely, will the loincloth that covers the country’s eyes allow Nigeria to grab economic prosperity, social tranquility, and political stability?

A word is enough for the wise.

 Below are the reactions of Twitter users on the suspension of Twitter operation in Nigeria by the Nigerian government.

Femi Fani-Kayode wrote: “Suspending @Twitter from Nigeria simply because they removed a dangerous, irresponsible & insensitive tweet by @MBuhari is the most absurd and counterproductive move that the FG could have made. Whoever advised Mr. President to make this indefensible move is his biggest enemy.”

ULOMA noted: “This isn’t even something to laugh about. This is not a joke. We are in a full dictatorship. The Nigerian government has put a gag rule on the press and now they want to control social media. Our voice is the only thing we have and we cannot afford to lose it. This is tyranny.”

Fola Aina stated: “This has nothing to do with a recently deleted tweet but everything to do with getting back at Twitter for giving young Nigerians a voice against police brutality during the EndSARS movement!”

Kelvin Odanz averred: “If Buhari continues this way, Nigerians will have no choice but to hit the streets in protest again. And this time, it will either bring down this repressive Government or this Government kills us all. This country is now a plantation and we’re living like slaves.”

Editi Effiòng asserted: “Personally, I think we should negotiate an exit for Buhari. Give him everything he’s currently enjoying, London healthcare, private jet. Let him just go chill at home, so we can salvage security and the economy. I don’t think we can take the two years he has left.”

Banky Wellington stated: “The retirement age in Nigeria is 65. What if we decide not to vote for anyone over the age of 65? Regardless of party. If you’ll be over 65 at the time of elections, we won’t vote for you. It’ll at least eliminate an entire group that has had enough opportunities to fix this mess.”

Editi Effiòng wrote: “Lai Mohammed and Muhammadu Buhari work for the people of Nigeria. They do not own Nigeria or get to tell Nigerians what they can and cannot do. They’re public servants. I refuse to fall into the trap of cynicism. We must resist every attempt at a dictatorship.”

Reno Omokri tweeted: “The suspension of the activities of @Twitter in Nigeria by the @MBuhari administration should be ignored by @Jack. The Buhari government has no means to effect the suspension, and even members of the administration are still on Twitter.”

SERAP noted: “BREAKING: We’re preparing court papers to sue President Buhari and @NigeriaGov over the illegal and unconstitutional suspension of Twitter in Nigeria. Please indicate your interest to join the suit as co-applicant by stating your full names, and saying “I wish to join the suit.”

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu thundered: “Suspending @Twitter can’t hurt @jack but will surely hurt millions of Nigerians, (mostly the YOUTH) that are on Twitter. Nigerian public & private sectors will also be hurt. So, Nigeria did not suspend Twitter. Nigeria suspended itself on Twitter & announced it on Twitter.”

Dr Olufunmilayo noted: “Imagine if anybody tried Occupy Nigeria in 2021. Imagine if people gather in Freedom Park Ojota. Imagine what the same animals in Lagos who happily supported Occupy Nigeria in 2012 will say today. Just imagine such a protest in this govt. Same govt that used protests to win.”

Emekavelle tweeted: “I am really in shock how  clueless people that @MBuhari is better than will keep suggesting things for him and he will keep buying it. It’s a shame that this govt is flexing muzzle with a microblogger like Twitter as if there are nothing important to concentrate on.”

Nwikyz Ernest noted: “I am sorry that Nigeria degenerated to this level with @MBuhari in government unfortunately this #TwitterBan is not the lowest he is going to go. The man is trying to consolidate power with his enablers and he will do whatever it takes. Question is, will we allow him?”

Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki tweeted: “No sir! This should not be the response from the president of a nation with a vibrant youthful population for whom #Twitter is part of their daily lives and a source of their income and livelihood. This must be reviewed.”

Omoyele Sowore wrote: Jokers are banning @Twitter. This is the reason we told our compatriots that only a #Revolution can stop this regime. In the meantime if any telecommunications company blocks your @Twitter access, boycott them until they collapse.”

Ugochukwu Ugwoke tweeted: “Twitter isn’t just an ordinary social media platform. Twitter is a civic space & if Buhari’s government can go to the extent of shutting down Twitter operations in Nigeria, then, they can do anything. If this goes unchallenged, then, they will be emboldened do the worst in 2023.”

photo credit: republicworld.com

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