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Since the Age of Discovery, every jolly-fine-sailor has always anchored the tail of his ship on a Virgin island, to search for a treasure that would embellish his importance in the society. It was that treasure, Faith Ejehirele, that Promise Chuks (Ogede) discovered at Lekki island in 2006, he celebrated in the House of Lord – since “the man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favour from the LORD.”


The coast was bright and the firmament was blue on the historic morning of 20th November 2021. Promise, cloaked in a beautiful tuxedo, stirred his sweetest Faith to the Chapel of Christ the Light, Alausa, Ikeja, for the observation of the Sacrament of Matrimony. Faith was no less in her adorable and stunning immaculate gown, which she wore with panache. The joy was boundless as Faith and Promise kissed passionately before the Lord, after echoing “till death do us part.” There is no greater happiness in marriage for one to marry someone he loves. It is the foundation of a harmonious union. For thirteen years, Faith tested Promise’s ship, and after thirteen years, Promise anchored in Faith’s love. What a blossom synergy – a testimony to the goodness of the Lord.

The procession was grand, memorable and colourful at Grandeur Events Centre at 17 Billings Way Oregun Ikeja, Lagos. From far and near well-wishers of varying classes came together to celebrate Ogede family. The spherical hall was filled to the brim with pomp. It was the wedding of the century – a red-letter wedding day.

Honourable Jude Idimogu, a member of Lagos State House of Assembly, was the Chairman of the Ogede wedding. His lauding opening speech left many in no doubt of the integrity, quality and value of Ogede. Later on, Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje (the indaboski) mesmerised the guests with his comic display, tuneful music and witty remarks.

As Promise and Faith were dancing out their hearts, the Chief Host, Chief Emeka Otigba, Chief Executive Officer of the exquisite ROLLACE Hotel and Suite at Ajao Estate, Lagos, sprinkled them with wealth – a display which left many of the flamboyant guests frozen in thoughts.

Tunde, Oseke, C J, Soul Train, Oneal, Sabata, Al Pacino

The wedding was pageantry. Many of Promise’s friends that converged for the merriment wore Dashiki uniforms with fitted caps to add glamour to the occasion. Sime, CJ, Sabata, Moore, Ortega, Bosa, Soul Train, Oseke, Episeni, Al Pacino, Tunde, Oneal and others turned the wedding theatre to “Half of a Yellow Sun.” It was a wedding that fetched families of different cultures and Carabanans together. Sumptuous edible and exotic drinks were served to all with no consideration to the social status of the guests. It was a never-to-be-forgotten day – a day Promise the sailor took Faith the treasure, to the safest coast.

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