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MRS. CHARITY MADUKA’S ILLNESS AND DEATH: The passing away of an Amazon

by basklifenews

It is no more news that Mrs. Charity Maduka, the wife of Dr. Cosmos Maduka, has died. What many may not know is the cause of her death.

It was learnt that late Mrs. Maduka died around 8 pm at Umudim, Nnewi. According to lailas online, “Charity Maduka is said to have accompanied her husband to Michael Okpara University of Agriculture in Umudike, Abia state, where he received an honorary degree, but soon began to complain of feeling uncomfortable after they arrived at their Nnewi country home.” She was alleged to have “a long battle with an unidentified illness that kept her in and out of hospitals throughout the years but survived by her husband, children, relations, and church community support.”

Meanwhile, as Coscharis website stated on Mrs. Maduka’s profile,

“In her capacity, she was once the Executive Director supervising the Administrative, Legal, Works / Maintenance, Export, Technologies teams of the organization from 1984 – 2003. Under her tutelage, she was able to grow the business by creating value via the various strategic departments she supervised within the organization.

“As a board member of the group, in the year 2005, she later became the Executive Chairman / COO of two of the subsidiaries of the Coscharis Group namely Coscharis Beverages Limited and Coscharis Properties Limited respectively.”

Photo credit: lailasnews.com

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