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ANTI-PARTY SPEECH: Senator Joy Emordi risks suspension from the APC party

by basklifenews

The 66-year-old soft-spoken Senator Joy Emordi risks being suspended from the All Progressives Congress (APC) for her unfair speech which many of the APC members considered as anti-party speech.

Senator Emordi was videoed in a meeting which was said to be held at the Asokoro residence of the Minister of Labour, Dr. Chris Ngige, allegedly making a mockery of the purported defeat of Senator Andy Uba during the November 6 Anambra State gubernatorial election – an action which suggested that some group in the APC party worked against the party. In the alleged video, she said: “A serving Minister called me and was asking me how was the Election in Anambra State going?
I told him that he should know that I’m new in APC, but I was informed that the results of the election have been written. I told them to take the campaign to the grassroots and they told me to relax that the results have been written and I asked them, written results in Anambra state? Why not get some votes from the grassroots and join them with the one that was written? They stop involving me in the campaign.”

Beside Senator Emordi during her speech was Chief Chris Ngige, who didn’t care to direct her speech. Many of the members that attended Ngige’s meeting supported her speech.

“For the records, Sen. Andy Uba Campaigned in all the 21 LGAs of Anambra state including Joy’s Onitsha South where she was nowhere to be found during the campaign.”

Like Charmeleon that changes colours always, “in 2021 alone, Joy Emordi has publicly supported over 4 candidates in Anambra state and being in 3 political parties.

“In March, in the run-up to the PDP primaries, we saw her publicly endorse the aspirations of Sen. Uche Ekwunife promising to stick with her forever.

“By April, she had done another video where she endorsed Valentine Ozigbo saying he was the best of all.

“By June, Joy Emordi had ported to the APC singing the praises of Sen. Andy Uba.”

Today, Senator Emordi is said to be hobnobbing with Chief Ngige because of her daughter’s alleged political aspirations. “You said that you are not looking for any political appointment but you are working for your daughter to contest for the Anambra State House of Assembly position,” alleged a lady in a video.

A lady who appeared to be an APC member asked Senator Emordi in the video: “If you were given part of the Andy Uba’s election fund, would you have said what you said? If you are truly a grassroots politician, would you have waited for a direction to campaign for your party, which is APC?”

She said, “the day Senator Emordi wanted to join APC with her followers, she invited Andy Uba, who gave her followers two million naira.” She asked Emordi, “if Ngige was truly the leader of the APC party in Anambra State, why did you invite Senator Andy Uba rather than Senator Chris Ngige?

Photo credit: Naija news 247

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