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FAMILY VALENTINE: Have you taught your children values?

by basklifenews

Just like an expected friend, Valentine’s Day Comes knocking again, blooming with arrays of celebrations and concerts purposefully crafted for the ever-yearning demands of “love birds”.

Yearly, the plans towards the Valentine’s Day celebration are strategic, precise, and deafening even to the deaf.

Proactively, we can all go back to base, yes, we can all go back to the drawing board, back to the family, churches, mosques, and even our local communities to instill important values in our God-given valuable treasures.

The family, especially the parents or caregivers have the greatest, all-important roles to birth, nurture, rightly inform, guide, protect, instill discipline, and most importantly unconditionally love and affirm them constantly and continuously.

Let our children and wards know our values and what we stand for; this needs to be clear and precise; boundaries set and consequences (disciplinary measures) of going against these values spelt out as clearly as possible.

We have all heard these countless times, be your children’s friend, not a tyrant; you will be doing yourself a lot of favour if you are because they will “normally”: confide in you, sharing their fears, insecurities, frustrations, and pressure with no airs at all and likely solutions collectively proffered with your guidance, of course.

Be a responsible parent and caregiver, carry out your God-given responsibilities! There is a geometric rise in negligence, deprivation, and abandonment amongst parents. It is not a choice to nurture and cater for them, it is a must; it is your first and primary assignment. Please do it devotedly, diligently, and excellently well and you will be glad you did.

Love, love, love, and care for these children unconditionally. Fill up their emotional vault. Show them love, tenderness, and care in words and actions; a gentle pat on the shoulder, a hug, a kiss on the forehead or cheek is not out of place. Most children seek for that which they can’t get at home, remember so many predators are on the lookout for these kinds of children and can easily spot them out when they see them.

Affirm your kids as often as possible. Affirmation does wonder to any person. Boost their self-esteem and confidence with positive and endearing words.

Create time for your children; this cannot be overemphasized. Dear parents, our time not our money is the greatest gift we will give our children. Spend quality time with them at home. Go out with them, visits fun places, play board games, have movie nights to watch movies that highlight your family values, and enjoy one another’s company. Be really present with them and create a wholesome and enviable bond and memories that money and gifts can’t buy nor replace.

Kindly tell me ways you and your children are spending Valentine’s day.

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