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CHIEF SIMON AZUGO: Okenwa Nnobi celebrates his late father

by basklifenews

It started on 11th January 2024, when Apams, a celebrated oriental undertaker emptied his enterprise and journeyed Okenwa Nnobi’s resting father, after 90 years of terrestrial voyage, to his newfound eternal 6 feet – a breathless sphere without threshold.

The next day, heaven collapsed on Nnobi town and Ana Nso’s topography exploded into the greatest funeral of the century – the funeral that converged moguls and tycoons from far and near. The funeral was the confluence of the lords, the aristocrats, and the bourgeoisie. Indeed, it was the litany of Igbo financial juggernauts and magnates.

The arena was an exhibition of affluence and prosperity. Hundreds of extremely captivating exotic vehicles were on full display. Seas of priceless Brandy, Whisky, Cognac, Bourbon, Champagne, and other beverages hovered like stunning angels in the splendidly decorated 3 VVIP Sparkles tents. Added to this was the aroma of classic fragrances that wafted out from the gorgeous guests. The event wore an exquisite ambience that could thaw the stoutest of hearts.

To call what was eaten at the historic funeral FOOD would be a bad confession. About 5 sought-after edible-finders in Igboland kept the guests busy with Continental cuisine and Oriental culinary until the sumptuous day melted into the intoxicated night. The meal was embellished with the glamorous faces of pleasing waitresses that fetched out dimpled cheeks and affectionate smiles.

The climax of it was the flamboyant dancing parade of Okenwa Nnobi with the giants of fortune belonging to the Exclusive Royal Eminent Club – each holding highly 4 cow ropes with spectacular opulence and superfluity. The high-spirited guests watched them in admiration and estimation. The fascination got to a point that a mesmerised guest lost his composure and thundered “ogalanya amaka mma na okolobia” meaning “wealth is best enjoyed at a young age.”

No matter the sounds of other gladiators’ bugles, High Chief Ikechukwu Azugo (Okenwa Nnobi), has demonstrated that he is the undisputed czar of the moment, whose popularity is second to none in Nnobi. He has shown that he is the man with the magic torch. For a long time, the funeral Jamboree will paddle in the minds of the living. May the soul of Late Chief Simon Azugo (Nze Chukwunwendu) rest in peace. Amen.

Chief Chidozie Okigbo
(Ezisi Omenife)

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