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Basklifenews.com is offering FREE EDITING of works not more than 200 words at a time, for students, individuals, and private and corporate organisations, that may be experiencing difficulties in writing good English.

Services to render our clients through free editing include:



(3) Punctuation.

(4) Conciseness.

(5) Clarity-focused sentence.

(6) Tone adjustments.

(7) Plagiarism detection.

(8)Word choice.

(9) Formality level.

(10 Fluency and Additional advanced suggestions.

Kindly note that Basklifenews.com is not claiming a flawless editing, but will assist you immessurably to achieve desired results. Thus, Basklifenews.com will not be liable to errors or omissions that may be noticed in your works. Basklifenews.com reserves the rights to determine works to free-edit, and the duration of the works.

For works above 200 words, kindly contact Basklifenews.com for prices.