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STOP ASIAN HATE: Basklifenews calls on black people worldwide to SUPPORT and ENRICH Asian American Lives

by basklifenews

The discrimination, humiliation, and hate against Asian Americans, in the United State of America are alarming and unbecoming of a country that claims to be the dreamland of immigrants. Regina Kim of Korean parentage tweeted that her “parents didn’t give me a traditional Korean name because they thought it’d be easier for me to adapt to and survive American society with an American name. How sad is that.”

Many Asian Americans are so upset about the hate against them that Wendy, a Twitter user, revealed: “one thing my bro and I were taking about ways to #StopAsianHate is to pull out all Asian commodities from the Us market. Take away all the PS5s, anime, kpop, sushi, bbt, hot pots, cars, Samsung, ANYTHING.”

In the same vein, Amanda Chong, an Asian American, noted that “the past few days have drained me. I’ve lost my usual creative energy and have struggled to find joy in the things I love doing, like making art with words. I sat down this afternoon to channel some of those feelings into design and here’s where we came out. #StopAsianHate.”

Unfortunately, while most African Americans are battling to defeat discrimination and hate against blacks since the Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 that abolished black slavery in America, some irresponsible black Americans are involved in hate crime and racism against Asian American. A good example is in a video circulated widely, in which yet to be identified hefty black man was seen assaulting, stomping and kicking with rage a 65-years-old Filipina woman’s head, telling her “f*ck you, you don’t belong here.”  Mike Cabellon, a Twitter user, said that it happened “in midtown Manhattan in broad daylight while a security guard stood by doing nothing.” Andy Ngô, noted “the attack occurred on 29 March at 360 West 43rd St. around 11:40 am.”

Meanwhile, Kristin, a concern American, noted how the video made her angry and cry. She appealed: “We cannot stay silent on these matters. Violence against AAPI is increasing & every single one of us needs to speak against it and help in anyway we can. All of us.” As we report, the New York Police Department has intensified efforts to identify and arrest the suspect.

Black Americans should wear thinking caps in their relationship with Asian Americans. If black “BLACK LIVES MATTER,” also “ASIAN LIVES MATTER.” In Asia, black people are far more inhabitants than the white inhabitants. Asian countries provided over 65 percent source of African businesses, growth and development. If care is not taken, an incitement allegedly started by Donald Trump, a white racist, may end up making the African Americans the scapegoats. The earlier black people put a stop to Asian American hate the better the black interest.

Picture credit: Time.com

Note: basklifenews.com supports #StopAsianHate.

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Stop every form of discrimination


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