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OGEDE WEDDING: Without Faith, Promise is empty, and in Faith, Promise finds love

by basklifenews

How time flies! A memorable time. A time which reminds me of a great friend and brother, Promise Chuks, fondly called Ogede, who is about to sail down the aisle with her loving sweet, Faith Ejehirele, after many years of nautical nights with her. Without Faith, Promise is empty, and in Faith, Promise finds love. What an island of love!

A score year ago, fate brought us together in a brotherhood that has endured to date. Promise has not faltered nor lagged. He is an amiable navigator with a virgin’s heart. He has unfading warmness in the Lord’s Prayer – to dwell in the House of Lord forever.

The togetherness in the city of the Rising Sun, the great Unizik, reminds me of the value he added to his peers. Gentle but strong, he has never claimed to know all but has never failed to learn from all. He took his studies keenly, with deep yawning for flying colours. Yet, Pirogede was a jolly-good-fellow – Onye Oligo, Ijele, ladies heart.


Truly, his sweetheart is the luckiest person to have him since 2006 they converged on the enchanting shore of Lekki Atlantic to bask their lives. Ogede’s sweet symphony could not be less for her. After all, Ogede is a lady’s word-smith and tonic, with an irresistible ambiance and fetching etiquette. Marroned with love, the beautiful Faith melted in Promise, which culminated in 2008 Traditional marriage – a marriage that fastened the Igbo and Edo cultures.


The rugged-hearted Ogede is a straightforward and compassionate being. He is too generous to a fault and loving without a season – even in thick and thin. No wonder he cruises with ease his fun-theatre, Carabana Lounge – an anchor point where the stoutest of hearts are redeemed and jolly-good-fellows heal their souls.


Ogede cannot be celebrated enough. He is the man of the people and for the people. As his families, brothers, friends, and well-wishers prepare for the grand and historic Ogede wedding, may Lord crown, bless and protect him, his wife, and family always.



Nze Chidozie Okigbo (JA)

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